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Shane’s Clubfoot Success Story

Shane clubfoot success storyTracy lives in Northdale with her son, Shane, who sufferers from unilateral clubfoot. Like many other parents Tracy has to travel an hour to the nearest clinic in order for her son to receive treatment. This is a tremendous effort that is put in and it shows the extent that these parents are willing to go to!

At STEPS, we work hard on creating an environment in which the family can feel safe in, and that they know they will be getting the best treatment for their children. We encourage a happy space for the children so that treatments don’t become something they are fearful of. There are many cases at STEPS where parents have formed friendships closer than family, which means it’s a great opportunity to receive guidance and advice from fellow clubfoot parents!

Shane is currently receiving casting for his clubfoot and is well on the way to recovery! We love to hear clubfoot success stories and we’d love to hear yours! Share your story here!

Shanes Clubfoot Success Story

Told by his Mother, Tracy:

“The day Shane was born I found out he was born with clubfoot. I felt terrible about this and didn’t know what to do. But with the help of STEPS, I got all the advice and guidance I needed. The treatments went well, and STEPS helped make my life easier! You just need to have patience and trust the process, because everything will be okay!”

You can help more children like Shane

Steps support children like Shane through the four processes of clubfoot treatment. You can be part of the solution and journey of hope. Walk with us and the children we support.

R2500 supports the treatment of one child. Donate R250 monthly to support the treatment of one child.


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