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Rethabile’s Clubfoot Success Story

rethabile steps clubfoot success storyRethabile was born with bilateral clubfoot, which was successfully treated by Steps Clinics. In order to attend check-ups, she travels from Jabulani, in Soweto, with her grandma, Emily. Rethabile is now a healthy, happy young girl, with healthy, happy feet; this is her success story!

STEPS Success Story

Rethabile was born in Bara, 10 yrs ago, and started treatment when she was only 2 days old. Like Rethabile, her grandmother also suffered from clubfoot, which meant that the family was aware of the procedures and treatment plans.

The treatment started with plasters and from there she had her first tenotomy at 2 months old, in December 2008. In 2010, Rethabile returned for treatment and had another tenotomy. She had her last surgical procedure in January 2015. Rethabile is doing well and her foot has been well corrected, so now she makes her annual visits to the clinic for her check-ins.

Rethabile’s grandmother’s advice is that if your child is born with clubfoot, don’t feel hopeless, clubfoot is treatable! She shares a beautiful story about her journey with steps, and how the environment created has created a safe space for her and her granddaughter:

“Children can live full lives, just like any other children, just follow the treatment plan that you’re given on the first day. Go to the clinics and ask the doctors for guidance and information about clubfoot. The support that steps offer can make it fun and exciting for the children who are coming to the clinics. You look forward to coming here because of the culture and the happy, welcoming environment that is created by the Steps team! I’ve made quite a few friends at the clinic who have shared the struggle of clubfoot. Money is a struggle for me, but I’ve never not been able to come to the clinic because of finances, as my friends here are like family helping me along the way. Rethabile’s foot has never had any further complications thanks to all the work Steps Clinics has put in!”

You can help more children like Rethabile!

Steps supports children like Rethabile through the four processes of clubfoot treatment. You can be part of the solution and journey of hope. Walk with us and the children we support.

R2500 supports the treatment of one child. Donate R250 monthly to support the treatment of one child.


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