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Our Model for Change

Effective treatment paves the way to a disability-free existence—a life of running, playing, and learning, just like any other child.


Our award-winning four pillar theory of change model is designed to integrate into the existing health infrastructure for sustainability. Our support fills in the gaps, and helps to reduce patient default rates and increase long-term treatment success.


South African children supported to date.


All children born with clubfoot in the region can access Ponseti treatment.

Health and welfare services recognise clubfoot and refer to specific, efficient well-equipped Ponseti clinics.

Stigma reduced, early diagnosis increased, losses to follow-up minimised and high levels of adherence maintained.

High standard of Ponseti practice leads to excellent treatment outcomes reducing recurrence.


Health workers have the skills to treat clubfoot using Ponseti.

Ponseti clinics established with Steps admin and parent education support and resources.

Health workers and public are aware of clubfoot and where to access basic care.

Clinics have access to the braces required for the Ponseti maintenance phase.


  • Training Workshops
  • On-site training
  • Virtual training
  • Educational materials
  • Clinic coordination tools
  • Parent education and resources
  • Clinic data captured
  • Clinic reports
  • Support visits
  • Health workers addressed
  • Awareness  campaigns
  • Media coverage
  • Printed materials
  • Phone & email support and referral
  • Effective braces sourced
  • Braces distributed to clinics and individuals



Clinic Support

Clubfoot Advocacy

Brace Distribution

Stepify (Pty) Ltd

This is a social enterprise entity owned by STEPS that offers a solution for the provision of quality paediatric orthopaedic products, at fair prices, to both the general public and medical professionals.

Easy access to products

The reliable supply of quality, globally tested and approved products to improve child mobility, with product education and backed by the manufacturers, is a gap in the South African market that a social enterprise such as Stepify can not only fill, but nurture. The aim is to ensure that challenges accessing effective clubfoot braces and other paediatric orthopaedic products becomes a thing of the past.

STEPS together with Stepify creates a hybrid model that uses the proceeds from sales of paediatric orthopaedic medical devices to donate clubfoot braces and support STEPS clubfoot clinic programmes. STEPS provides the information and training backbone as well as the network and expertise.

steps hybrid model


Stepify Pty (Ltd)

Non-profit, Tax-exempt

Social enterprise, Taxable

Common Purpose:

A sustainable solution to Improving Child Mobility, Reducing Disability.


  • Clubfoot support programme
  • Clubfoot treatment training
  • Clubfoot Advocacy
  • Supplying clubfoot BRACES (medical devices)
  • Distribute paediatric medical devices for lower limb conditions
  • Train health professionals on medical devices
  • Source new products, commercial sales to all market segments

Operational Reach:

  • South Africa clubfoot support programme
  • Member of global clubfoot network
  • Mentor and train health professionals in Southern and East Africa
  • Southern and East Africa