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Removing Ponseti Casts

Plaster of Paris casts can be removed after soaking. You can either pre-soak at home, or in a basin at the clinic. Sometimes you will remove the cast at home. This will depend on what facilities the clinic has available, and what they tell you to do at your casting appointment. Either way, it is […]

Ponseti for Parents’ practical tips

These tips should not replace instructions given by a health professional. They are practical advice gathered from other parents and, although every baby is different, most of this should apply in general. Bathing with the cast on Rather don’t do it. It is really difficult to do with full leg casts on without getting them […]

10 tips for bath time with Ponseti casts

Bath time can be a daunting task when your baby is in Ponseti casts. Here are 10 tips to make your life easier: 1. The cast needs to stay dry at all times, so a sponge bath is best for bathtime. Don’t try to suspend your baby over a bath, as you will get the […]

Ponseti for Parents checklist

Questions to find out if your doctor is using the Ponseti Method Some doctors say that they are using the Ponseti Method, but they may be referring to the fact that they do serial plaster casts, or they may have modified the technique. Research has shown that the best results are achieved by following the […]