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10 tips for bath time with Ponseti casts

no bathing steps clubfoot careBath time can be a daunting task when your baby is in Ponseti casts. Here are 10 tips to make your life easier:

1. The cast needs to stay dry at all times, so a sponge bath is best for bathtime. Don’t try to suspend your baby over a bath, as you will get the casts wet.

2. Lay your baby on a large towel on top of a waterproof surface – a changing table or a bathroom vanity works well. If you have a thick waterproof change mat, put the towel on that.

3. Soap up your baby with mild liquid baby soap and rinse off with a damp cloth. You can even shampoo your baby’s hair some days if you have somebody to help you hold them while you use a hand shower to rinse off.

4. When you are finished, pat your baby with a soft cloth, before wrapping up in another big towel until your baby is dry and ready to be dressed. You can put on cream and powder as normal, just avoid getting it on the casts.

5. Take advantage of all the opportunities you get during cast changes to soak your baby in a bath for a bit.

6. Some clinics ask you to remove the cast yourself on the day of the appointment. When you are done, your baby can enjoy a nice soak before leaving for the clinic.

7. If they remove the cast at the clinic, there is usually somewhere to bath your baby, so take along your own shampoo and soap to give your baby a good bath time treat before the next cast is put on!

8. If the cast gets wet it’s important to take your child back to the clinic to be recast, as the plaster gets soft and won’t be effective anymore.

9. If you have an older child in casts, you can use a cast cover and they can shower as normal.

10. PS: If you are faced with a leaky nappy that’s trickled onto the top of the cast, rub vigorously with a wetwipe to get rid of most of the liquid and it will dry off. It’s usually only a day or two until the next cast and you can get rid of the nasty stain then.