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Asiphile’s success story

asiphile's clubfoot success storyGetting the news

Smangele felt the stress any parent would upon finding out her daughter suffered from bilateral clubfoot when she was born. It comes as a shock at first, but with the right treatment, and experienced help and encouragement, the clubfoot treatment journey can become one of hope and pride in your child’s strength and resilience.

The Clubfoot Clinic

Weekly Ponseti clubfoot clinics like the one at Edendale Hospital in Kwazulu Natal have doctors, nurses and Steps clinic support staff to offer guidance, as well as treatment.

We chatted to Smangele to find out her experience as a clubfoot parent so far:

When did you find out about that your baby had clubfoot?

I found out Asphile had clubfoot on the day she was born.

How did you feel?

I was feeling so sad because I thought that this wouldn’t be treatable, and that she would have this for the rest of her life.

What was the treatment process like for you and your family?

The process went smoothly, it was just a sad time for me seeing my daughter crying.

How did you find out about STEPS?

I found out about Steps at Imbalenhle Clinic.

How did STEPS assist you on your journey?

Steps helped me throughout my journey, and I have them to thank for being there for the process of correcting my daughter’s feet, which are now 100% healthy!

What advice would you offer to other families?

I can proudly say to all mothers that they can trust the Clubfoot clinics, purely because of how much they helped me and my child! God bless them!

Asphile’s story continues 

Asphile has finished her corrective phase of treatment and now sleeps in her clubfoot brace at night to maintain the position of her feet. She travels an hour to the Edendale clinic with Smangele for her follow up appointments, which she will do until she is four years old.

Thank you Smangele for sharing your story!

You can help more children like Asphile 

Steps supports children like Asphile through the four process of clubfoot treatment. You can be part of the solution and journey of hope.   Walk with us and the children we support.

R2500 supports the treatment of one child.  Donate R250 monthly to support the treatment of one child.


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