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World Clubfoot Day launch of Steps Uthutho Fund to benefit clubfoot patients

We are proud and excited to launch the Steps Uthutho Fund to celebrate 2020 World Clubfoot Day.

We decided to expand our initial campaign from transport and care package support for needy patients, to provide PPE for front line staff working at some of the 36 state clubfoot clinics that are short of stock, and taking daily risks to support patients. The PPE will also be used for caregivers attending the clinics to minimise risk of infection.

Transport to the clinics is expensive and the cost of the initial regular weekly treatments impacts heavily on family income. Clubfoot atients must be at the clinic at least 20 times for successful treatment.

Treatment can fail if parents do not attend the clinics regularly. Which means that children cannot wear shoes, or walk properly, resulting in lifelong disability.

The launch of the Steps Uthutho Fund is life-changing and will assist these families enormously.

Each year STEPS Charity joins in the international celebrations of World Clubfoot Day to maintain awareness of clubfoot, that it is a treatable birth defect, and to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Ignacio Ponseti on 3rd June. We share success stories and ask supporters to #wearYellow and share pics on Instgram. This year because of COVID-19 we can’t have clinic parties in June, but the Steps Uthutho Fund will help to ease the load on needy families, keeping them safe and their children in treatment.

Letshego Zulu, biokineticist, mother and founder of PopUpGym, a successful health and fitness business, has come on board to assist in spreading the news about this exciting initiative.

She is dedicated to helping to promote the Steps Uthutho Fund, helping families who travel far distances to reach the clinics that provide the Ponseti Method of treatment.

Letshego says, “As a Mom to a toddler, I have grown fond of supporting initiatives that focus on ECD, like Steps Uthutho Fund. Everytime I hear of other children undergoing any kind of struggle, it really tugs at my heart. I have made a personal pledge to lend my voice to spread the word about Steps because many people are unaware of the struggles that children with clubfoot experience. It is an honour and privilege to be part of this initiative.”

Karen Moss, founder and director of STEPS, has welcomed Letshego’s involvement and support of Steps Uthutho Fund. “Letshego is a role model to many people. Having experienced personal tragedy losing her beloved husband during their summit of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for female hygiene products, her strength in using her grief so courageously to power her success, makes her the ideal partner for STEPS. We are delighted, and grateful to have the benefit of her skills to highlight this innovative project.” said Karen.

Support the Steps Uthutho Fund and change lives.