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Siphephelo’s Clubfoot Success Story

Siphephelo steps clubfoot success storyNontobeko travels with her son to Grey’s Hospital so that Siphephelo can receive the proper treatment for his unilateral clubfoot. Like many other parents, Nontobeko makes use of the hospital bus as her form of transport, which allows her to travel safely and efficiently to her son’s appointments and follow-ups.

Right now he’s receiving casting as a form of clubfoot treatment. At STEPS we have a dedicated team which specializes in the casting process, and they’ll ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Casting is a way of manipulating the foot without being surgically invasive. Casts will be applied to the feet so that the overall shape of the foot can be corrected. The bone will then grow in the correct position, which prevents further damage to the foot.

This is Siphephelo clubfoot success story!

When did you find out about that your baby had clubfoot?

I only found out about what clubfoot was the day Siphephelo was born. Finding out the day he was born left me feeling very stressed and anxious about it. I knew that this would be something I’d have to overcome for the sake of my son.

What was the treatment process like for you and your family?

The process wasn’t as difficult as I’d first imaged it to be and I really can’t complain. I’d given birth at Estcourt Hospital and one of the doctors there wrote me a note and transferred me to Grey’s Hospital so that Siphephelo could receive the right treatment. They informed me about STEPS and insured me that I get all the help I’d need, as well as advice and guidance.

What advice would you offer to other families going through similar journeys?

Looking back on the process, I can see how easy things actually were for me. When you don’t see the bigger picture, things can look a lot worse than they actually are, so I hope that parents aren’t too overwhelmed and that they remain hopeful that their children will receive the right treatment. I’m so happy with the help I received at Grey’s Hospital!

You can help more children like Siphephelo

Siphephelo is now a 1-year-old and still receiving treatment for this clubfoot. Steps support children like Siphephelo through the four processes of clubfoot treatment. You can be part of the solution and journey of hope. Walk with us and the children we support.

R2500 supports the treatment of one child. Donate R250 monthly to support the treatment of one child.


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