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Lee’s clubfoot success story. “There were struggles, but it was worth it.”

Four year old Lee Scullard is a mini superhero in so many ways. He recently completed his four year treatment for clubfoot and received his graduation certificate from Steps to celebrate this special milestone.

Lee was born with bilateral clubfoot and his mom Alexia says “I found out about Lee’s clubfoot immediately after birth. I was the first to notice it and did not know what to think, I knew it was not normal. My husband took our son to the clinic and they referred us to the clubfoot clinic. Remembering back it was a scary experience not knowing what to expect, or if my son would be okay. When I got to the clinic everything seemed to get better, and week by week I saw the difference in my Lee’s feet. I felt so supported.

The family lives about one and half hour’s drive from the nearest clinic. Alexis says, “There were struggles and obstacles with transport, and taking time off work to make sure we came to each appointment, but it was worth it. Lee’s feet are normal, he loves playing soccer and going to the park. My advice to other parents is make sure you seek treatment for your child, and be strong as it does not last forever.

My son has graduated from wearing his night time boots now. We will cherish the certificate as a reminder of the journey and the amazing outcome.”

Stepping up to donate monthly to clubfoot support means that Steps can give children the encouragement and tools they need to complete the four treatment plan and achieve full mobility. Clubfoot support changes the trajectory of a child’s life.