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If your child has clubfoot, it can be corrected!

Dini’s father Maheo Magqira, who was born with clubfoot, is now supporting his daughter born with clubfoot too.

Researchers are still uncertain about the cause of clubfoot. The most widely accepted theory is that clubfoot is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. What is known, however, is that there is an increased risk in families with a history of clubfeet. 

Maheo knew what clubfoot was, but was still somewhat shocked and scared for his daughter when she was born with it too. He did not have the same access to treatment with the Ponseti method as his daughter now has. 

He has been taking his daughter Dini to Maitland Cottage for treatment from 2 weeks old. He’s encouraging parents to do the same. “Everything has gone so well, we felt very supported from the very start.  No one ever notices a difference with her foot, her foot is normal.”