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Hein’s Clubfoot success story

hein and malan steps patient story

Conquering obstacles together!

Hein and his twin-brother Malan are two gorgeous bundles of fun. They were born in August 2017, Malan with regular feet and his twin Hein was diagnosed with bilateral clubfeet. The twins and their parents Santana and Heinrich live just 10 minutes from the Steps partner clinic at Tygerberg Hospital, and they all came into the clinic together for Hein’s treatment, at first weekly and then for check-ups. They are very popular visitors, chatting to the clinic staff and making new friends every time they arrive.

Santana and Heinrich are dedicated parents and have never missed an appointment at the clinic. They have shared their story to encourage fellow clubfoot parents to trust that they can handle the obstacles that they have received.

Hein has finished with his casts and he is currently wears his boots and bar at night, which he will wear until he is four years old. He only wears his clubfoot brace at night, so he is free to play with Malan all day, stretching his feet, crawling, cruising and exploring, until he takes his first steps.  He will wear his brace at night until he turns four.

Santana shares their experience as clubfoot parents:

Steps: When did you find out about your baby’s clubfoot?

Santana: I was about 22 -24 weeks pregnant when we found out.

Steps: How did you feel?

Santana: Nothing will make me and my husband love him less!

Steps: What has the treatment been like for you and your family?

Santana: In the beginning it was really hard for me as a mother to see Hein crying when they put on his casts, but I knew it was something that was for my child’s own good. He has done so well!

Steps: How did you find out about us?

Santana: The doctors at Tygerberg told us about Steps, and then we met Vuyiseka, and Jane. Steps has been so supportive to us; they have become like family.

Steps: What advice would you give other families going through a similar journey?

Santana: Be strong , have patience. God would not have given you a child with clubfeet if he knew you wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Thanks Santana and Heinrich for sharing Hein’s story!

Steps thanks our generous donors for supporting our programme that improves the lives of so many children born with clubfoot.


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